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Title: let_it_lift_u
Filename: let_it_lift_u.mod
Posted Tue 7th Jul 2009
Rated 9 / 10
Very well written MOD. Extremely small for the quality it brings. Well constructed and plenty of variation. I highly recommend this for anyone who likes Drum & Bass, Breaks, and early works by the Prodigy.

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Title: mod.softhunter
Filename: hunter.mod
Posted Sun 18th Mar 2007
Rated 8 / 10
This is a conversion from a file called TOCATTA.MOD - which is a really old module in my archive (except that one won't play in XMPlay because it's only a 15inst module) At any rate, it's a nice conversion from the original however it contains some bugs. The first being the Dxx effect misuse. Remove those and the song should be fine. Oddly enough, these bugs are not in the original Protracker module.

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Title: corruption
Filename: cor.mod
Posted Sun 18th Mar 2007
Rated 10 / 10
An excellent rave tune! Though I have reason to believe that this is not made by Apollon. First of all, Apollon's other modules on this archive were done years later. I think this module was actually done by u4ia. The year is appropriate, and in fact u4ia goes on to use many of these same samples in his other work. (such as taketrip.mod) That's not absolute proof, only suggesting he was the original artist.