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Timo Petmanson (tim)'s Comments

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Title: Off Limits- Memories
Filename: ol_memories.xm
Posted Tue 17th Dec 2002
Rated 8 / 10
This song sound very well ... very nice backround synths and guitar. There's one basic theme that starts again after it ends, but always with some variations added. It would be good, if the sample sound would be cleaner, but this smooth noise was generated maybe when converting from 16 bit to 8 or maybe due to lack of sample creator. Anyway, sounds nice!!! The artist does not use very much instrument envelopes to attach panning and volume. This is done in effect bar. The samples are all 8-bit, but they sound good. Only the looping should be cleaner, but I didn't hear anything creepy in the song, so it is not that important.

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Filename: bull_sc2.it
Posted Fri 22nd Nov 2002
Rated 7 / 10
Starts with some roaring engines and then goes off. The balance between drums, guitar and bass is quite ok, but the drums are a little too grazy. One thing that makes the sound very enjoyable, is the reverb. And the solo is also very good, except some really wierd vibratos and slides that made some parts of the song sound really crappy. Everything else is very good. Hmm ... basic effects like glissando controls, vibratos, offsets and other stuff like that used ... most of the samples are 8-bit. Most delays of guitar and drums are made with tracker, all other technics are well-done, so technically, it's quite ok.

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Title: somethin.it
Filename: somethin.it
Posted Fri 22nd Nov 2002
Rated 5 / 10
I opened this song in xmplay ... it starts with nice synths, but panning is sometimes to annoying, it should be more balanced. Then there are fast drums added, quite varied I think, it gives a little echo-like feeling, but more panning would be great and sometimes those variations get too wierd and too noisy. Then there is a bridge, nice ride cymbal and nice synths in backround. As for next part of this song, there is a cool bass added with a grunge style movements and drums have now more panning. Later, after some ok drum solos, lead synth comes in. This song hasn't an end and it does'nt loop very well too, and on top of everything, the bass is too loud at the end. Hmm .. all samples are 8-bit, and quality is ok, but loops in most of the samples aren't correct. Too many clicks and pops. Well, this great variation came from drum loops and these echo's came due to note fade ins. Some reverb to synths would be great. Nothing else to say about it, basic effects are used and there are about 10 different patterns.