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Title: the end... .. . . ?
Filename: d_fast_-_the_end.xm
Posted Fri 29th May 2009
Rated 10 / 10
The opposite what btme said

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Title: 4 Spiders
Filename: pip-4spiders.it
Posted Wed 24th Oct 2007
Rated 9 / 10
I don't usually prefer songs this big, but this is an exception. Samples are good and they are well balanced (especially the volumes). The leadguitar has nice reverb-like echo. Gotta say that i was li'l surprised for the vocals, but hey are extreamly good and accurate. The basic melody sounds like metallica and that's just how i like it. Overall i think that this piece of metal deserves some respect.

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Title: Slowmotion
Filename: 80913-slowmotion.mod
Posted Fri 5th Oct 2007
Rated 8 / 10
Here we have very good .mod chiptune. I spotted some unique elements that i haven't heard before. The lead sample should have echo, though it's not really possible. Also the arpeggios should play chords instantead of 07C. Probably the biggest minus is that this tune is short, but still is nice to listen, because of its uniqueness.

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Title: Torava - Thrash Techno
Filename: thrash_techno.it
Posted Mon 1st Oct 2007
Rated 8 / 10
This song start's off typically; first few notes of the synth lead and then a fill and the chorus is ready to begin. The melody of the chorus is pretty simple and it should have been improved a bit, but still it sounds nice. The next part has some piano in it. It's basically playing the same melody as the chorus and it's not very good, but then the guitar comes in and the melody thankfully changes. The chorus strikes back again. After the chorus there is an interresting and short but good pattern, which adds some changes to the song. Then there is again couple parts with almost the same melody as the chorus and then the song has come to an end.
This song has some good pannings and melodies, but it should deffinetly have chords. Also this can feel somewhat repeative and volumes are bit too looud at some parts. Overall i find this tune quite enjoyable.