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Title: black queen
Filename: black_queen.mod
Posted Mon 30th Aug 2010
Rated 10 / 10
This module hates you.

No, seriously, it does. It screws up BADLY in mikmod (WinAmp, XMMS, SDL_mixer and basically everything that doesn't use libmodplug) and modplugplay (VLC), and dumbplay sounds a little suspect, too.

And don't be stupid enough to look at this in a tracker. It will RUIN your eyesight AND your sanity (XMPlay has a visualisation you can use to start tearing your eyes out, too), ESPECIALLY if you display more than 16 rows.

I've heard it works properly in OpenMPT. It appears to (mysteriously) work in SchismTracker (at least an SVN build) - don't ask me why. Also seems to work in FastTracker 2.09.

Highly recommended (moreso than "ode to protracker" which is a PUSHOVER compared with this) if you're making a MOD player. You'll need both E6x (loop x times) and EEx (repeat row x times) working.

Good to add to your music collection... if you can get it to work.

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Title: World of Peace
Filename: znm-wopeace.it
Posted Mon 15th Jun 2009
Rated 9 / 10
Uhhh... this doesn't work on any libmodplug players, ironically... or SchismTracker... I haven't tested it on ImpulseTracker, but I have a feeling it might not even work on that.
Honestly, this thing works better on Mikmod than any libmodplug stuff.
It works on OpenMPT but 1. I have to use Wine to run it (I use FreeBSD), as it's essentially a Windows application, and 2. that takes ages to respond.
I quite like this track, but PLEASE, PLEASE, *PLEASE* avoid using modplug extensions at all costs if you're going to release anything to modarchive!