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Title: the last sun
Filename: lastsun.mod
Posted Tue 6th Jan 2009
Rated 10 / 10
Having read previous opinions
I felt the need to balance the review process regarding this piece of music.... Of course musical likes and dislikes are all a matter of personal choice....however I think that this song has been judged
very unfairly and it's many fine qualities should be noted. I therefore am writing in sincere and strong defence of it! Perhaps
sentimentality may feature in my judgement but that itself is a tribute to the worthiness of this work that it inspires such strong feelings of lasting loyalty! However even analytically I see nothing really to criticise here and only much that is deserving of fair praise... In actual fact I put this tune very close to the top of my list of all time favourite Amiga tunes....and I do that with careful consideration as someone who has been a devoted listener of music mods for very many years. I truly have a fondness for this tune that borders on adoration! Not only in a nostalgic sense - this composition still has great validity and relevance even today. I do not think that it has aged ungracefully - on the contrary it has a timelessness that guarantees its place in music mod posterity! In my judgement this is a carefully crafted work that has a sublime sense of epic scale tinged with a melancholy sadness that never fails to move me emotionally. The choice of instrumentation is totally in keeping with the mood that is being created. Artistically, aesthetically, compositionally and technically - on all levels this music works for me. I therefore for one would not alter a single note or change a single instrument!