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Title: three
Filename: three.xm
Posted Wed 2nd Feb 2011
Rated 8 / 10
Wow, I've never seen a two-channel .xm file before. I love the amount of personality a song as minimal as this can have.

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Title: Stereothematic
Filename: jk_stereothematic.xm
Posted Thu 27th Jan 2011
Rated 10 / 10
Wow, very original use of patterns and tempo commands - I love it!

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Title: Bubbles
Filename: bubbles.xm
Posted Sun 19th Sep 2010
Rated 10 / 10
It amazes me how people manage to squeeze so much into four channels!

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Title: |: uten deg . .
Filename: eftosrx-no_utndg2.xm
Posted Sun 22nd Nov 2009
Rated 9 / 10
Creepy... Awesome song, definitely deserves the award it got!

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Title: 242-chip#1
Filename: 242.mod
Posted Thu 5th Nov 2009
Rated 10 / 10
I can't stop humming those arpeggios!
Awesome song. I know it well because it's a stage in the free homebrew game AmplituDS.