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Title: Gateways part II
Filename: gateways_part_ii.xm
Posted Mon 24th Dec 2012
Rated 8 / 10
Unless I missed something, song STOLEN by Dj SM (See http://keygenmusic.net/music/sdv/SDV-BWMeter5.4.0crk.7z)

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Filename: er_mure.xm
Posted Mon 24th Dec 2012
Rated 4 / 10
Its good if you like heavy trance. Otherwise, not so much...

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Title: To fallen Comrades
Filename: ds_tfc.xm
Posted Mon 24th Dec 2012
Rated 10 / 10
Very good song, you'll struggle to find anything better than this. I feel like fate has a sick sense of humour though, given what happened only six days after this song was uploaded. Ignoring that though, very good song.

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Title: analogis.xm
Filename: analogis.xm
Posted Thu 22nd Nov 2012
Rated 10 / 10
This was one of the best 5-and-a-half minutes I've spent. I'm not fully sure why, but it kept reminding me of the ost of the original Metal Gear Solid, the first few minutes in particular. Not a complaint in the slightest as I liked the series and I like this song very much. For me, this is a strong candidate for my next video.