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Title: Bomba da Mente Mecanica
Filename: vince_kaichan_-_bomba_da_mente_mecanica.it
Posted Thu 11th Jan 2018
Rated 10 / 10
Holy crap, a great rendition of a great song. The part where the bass comes back in near the beginning was amazing.

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Title: electricity-ijf-remaster
Filename: ijf_-_electricity_remaster.it
Posted Mon 25th Sep 2017
Rated 9 / 10
I listened to the original tune on loop for like 2 hours while writing an essay so it's cool to see a remake of it pop up. Really cool tune, both the original and this one. I like the FM synth sounding samples.

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Title: cheeseheart
Filename: cheeseheart.mod
Posted Tue 19th Sep 2017
Rated 9 / 10
Awesome goofy mod with silly trumpets, really catchy melodies, and nice drums.

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Title: fish n'chips
Filename: fish_nchips.mod
Posted Wed 13th Sep 2017
Rated 8 / 10
Love the baseline and drum on this tune. Really short but loopable.

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Title: street jungle
Filename: street_j.mod
Posted Fri 2nd Jun 2017
Rated 9 / 10
This song is extremely good, really awesome technique and samples. The beginning where the pan flute or whatever comes in blew my socks off when I first listened to it. Unfortunately it's sort of abused later in the song, but it's okay since the tune's really excellent otherwise. Also of note is the quirky drum track that seems to be mouth sounds or something. I really dig it!

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Title: Thunderstorm
Filename: redlaserbm_-_tstorm_final.mptm
Posted Thu 23rd Mar 2017
Rated 10 / 10
Awesome song, instrumentation was perfect. I really dug the raining theme in the second part.

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Title: unknown
Filename: woutervl_unknown.s3m
Posted Mon 20th Feb 2017
Rated 10 / 10
Your tunes are legendary bro. This is Second Reality level cool.

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Title: walking disco
Filename: walking_disco.mod
Posted Thu 16th Feb 2017
Rated 9 / 10
Wow! I could have sworn this tune was an XM. Guess it's a MOD. Pretty awesome little tune, it's been stuck in my head for a while.

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Title: We Are Number One
Filename: lu9_-_we_are_number_one.xm
Posted Sat 4th Feb 2017
Rated 5 / 10
Fix the severely out of tune trumpet and it would be pretty decent.

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Title: toe-touch
Filename: toe-touc.mod
Posted Mon 30th Jan 2017
Rated 10 / 10
Maybe it's not for everybody but this is pretty much perfection in my opinion. Really great sound from a module.

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Title: Dwarf Planet Factory
Filename: modtomit_-_dwarf_planet_factory.it
Posted Fri 27th Jan 2017
Rated 5 / 10
Some cool ideas, and you obviously know how to compose, but like some others have said in the past, you really should stray from the "single pulsewave sample" that you've used for... what seems like literally every other song you've done. This composition could be infinitely better with some more flavor and variety - different samples/envelopes/effects.

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Title: black cat
Filename: black_cat.mod
Posted Thu 5th Jan 2017
Rated 10 / 10
This song is dope, the instrumentation is perfect.

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Title: "Bad Apple!!" Remix
Filename: fzmx-bad_apple_remix.xm
Posted Fri 2nd Dec 2016
Rated 7 / 10
It's a pretty cool remix, but it gets busy FAST. Like the volume meter maxes out and stays there- your audio is clipping and that isn't good. Might want to tone down the multiple tracks that are just growling, and focus on the melody/drums. Otherwise it's cool.

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Title: mega-apocamix
Filename: mega-apocamix.mod
Posted Tue 29th Nov 2016
Rated 7 / 10
Interesting to note that this music is indeed in the unreleased SNES game... How did they get a mod player running on it???


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Title: je moeder (loop)
Filename: cerror_-_je_moeder.xm
Posted Thu 20th Oct 2016
Rated 8 / 10
Ah yeah, I also heard the Comic Bakery right from the start. It's still a really decent chiptune though, as it really only borrows the main riff a couple times rather than being a rip.

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Title: discodancing
Filename: discodancing.mod
Posted Fri 14th Oct 2016
Rated 8 / 10
Cool classic Amiga mod. The first 5 orders are REALLY superb and catchy, with a meaty bassline, good drums, and great punchy synths.

Unfortunately, it gets a little more abstract after that with a drum breakdown and some synth weirdness. Overall still really good though.

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Title: ~~ P~i~z~z~a~~H~u~t
Filename: pizza_hut.xm
Posted Tue 4th Oct 2016
Rated 10 / 10
Seriously impressive summer tune...! Really a must listen.

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Title: the fox
Filename: moviemovies1_-_thefox.xm
Posted Fri 30th Sep 2016
Rated 8 / 10
Surprisingly faithful and very creative chiptune version of the weird pop song. For 6 samples, it's actually pretty amazing. Never thought I'd see this song here.

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Title: whiteguilt.xm
Filename: whiteguilt.xm
Posted Sat 27th Aug 2016
Rated 1 / 10
I'm not sure what this is, seems like some sort of experiment in "pattern animation," but sound-wise it's just the same ear-melting screeches repeated over and over again ad nauseum. Don't download.

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Title: happy bourgeoisie
Filename: uctumi-happy_bourgeoisie.mod
Posted Mon 15th Aug 2016
Rated 8 / 10
Really nice song, especially how it would alternate between happy and lapsing into a progressively more "ragged" section for lack of a better word. The use of tone portamento was well done.

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Title: celebrate!
Filename: thank_you.xm
Posted Sat 13th Aug 2016
Rated 7 / 10
It's a neat, cheery chip song. The arpeggiated blips could do without the sweeping pan left and right (although I admit I'm also guilty of this trick). Overall good song.

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Title: quantum matrix
Filename: sumerianboy-alien_artifacts.it
Posted Tue 9th Aug 2016
Rated 2 / 10
Way, way way too much stuff going on in this tune. Just for curiosity, I went and checked out some of your other tunes and they were pretty good, so I don't know what went wrong with this one.

The volume meter was maxed out for essentially the whole time.

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Title: Faxanadu Overworld (Mel)
Filename: faxanadu_overworld_mel.s3m
Posted Sun 31st Jul 2016
Rated 8 / 10
Oh man, Faxanadu is great. This mix is also great. Good work!

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Title: Littleroot Town
Filename: torvald_-_pokemon_rse_littleroot_town_32bsamples.xm
Posted Thu 14th Jul 2016
Rated 8 / 10
Super impressive that these samples are just 32 bytes. Great game also.

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Title: Rollerdisco Rumble
Filename: vince_kaichan_-_rollerdisco_rumble.mptm
Posted Tue 12th Jul 2016
Rated 9 / 10
Totally deserves the spotlight, IMO.