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Title: Autumn Wind
Filename: autumn_wind.xm
Posted Tue 3rd Apr 2018
Rated 6 / 10
Well done techno rave. Nice.

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Title: "Deep Ocean" / ORiON
Filename: orion_-_deep_ocean.xm
Posted Tue 3rd Apr 2018
Rated 2 / 10
Sorry to say but it is not my taste. Too esoteric. Relax music... Thinking of it: there are no waves in the deep of the ocean, and it doesn't matter how deep the ocean is for the waves on the beach. Except for a tsunami... :-(

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Title: antipasti#12
Filename: antipasti12.mod
Posted Tue 3rd Apr 2018
Rated 3 / 10
This seems to be a very simple track...

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Title: No choice
Filename: kmuland_-_no_choice.xm
Posted Mon 2nd Apr 2018
Rated 7 / 10
Got this as a random pick. Not bad. Just not my style of music, but well done. The computer voice reminds me heavily of Dr. Alban...

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Title: hymn to aurora
Filename: hymn_to_aurora.mod
Posted Mon 2nd Apr 2018
Rated 10 / 10
I love this tune! I first found this in 2018, I don't remember having this Mod back in the 1990ies or so. But I instantly loved it! Just awesome!