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Title: Flutana Variata
Filename: spx-flutanavariata.it
Posted Sun 5th Jan 2020
Rated 10 / 10
I've heard this song hundreds of times
Each stage has a different feeling,
There were several sad harmonies that were so infectious that I even left a tear behind
Excellent. I hope this module will be heard by more people

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Title: azure
Filename: xemogasa_-_azure.it
Posted Mon 23rd Dec 2019
Rated 9 / 10
Very light and rhythmic

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Title: Funky Marmelade
Filename: funky_marmelade.xm
Posted Thu 3rd Oct 2019
Rated 9 / 10
I like the melody behind 2:7. It's amazing.

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Title: Where's Space?
Filename: decibelter_-_where.xm
Posted Fri 27th Sep 2019
Rated 9 / 10
Milkytracker additional downloads,

I particularly like the 1:30 to 3:00 clips.

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Title: Ice Frontier
Filename: ICEFRONT.S3M
Posted Tue 23rd Jul 2019
Rated 8 / 10
There is a quite good melody, which gives people a deep feeling. Unfortunately, this time is too little.

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Filename: eriasu_-_jojo2_bloody_stream_pcm.mptm
Posted Tue 7th May 2019
Rated 10 / 10
Good second creation! I seldom see mod works about ACG. Very rare

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Title: Lonely Falcon
Filename: lonefalc.it
Posted Wed 24th Apr 2019
Rated 10 / 10
A rare melody, Fortunately, I was able to hear this song, which enriched the MOD playlist.

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Title: midori_-_rubber_fig_final.mod
Filename: midori_-_rubber_fig_final.mod
Posted Tue 29th Jan 2019
Rated 10 / 10
Very good. It feels like music from a retro game console.