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Filename: the_way_it_is.mod
Posted Fri 23rd Nov 2018
Rated 10 / 10
Been searching for this gem for 11 days (kind of madly).
Thanks to Olav "8bitbubsy" Sørensen on #modarchive (irc) for finding this cover of Bruce Hornsby - The Way It Is

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Title: libertine
Filename: APPEAL.MOD
Posted Wed 14th Nov 2018
Rated 10 / 10
I thought this song was named cascade.it and was wondering why that one was broken because it didn't sound like this! But nope, it was me.
THIS is the best tune ever! I luv it! :)

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Title: cascade
Filename: cascade.it
Posted Tue 13th Nov 2018
Rated 10 / 10
If anyone knows how to make this song play correctly(like on bare metal?) please let me know! I've tried so many ways(except bare metal because no sound card detected by Impulse Tracker - the laptop is too new), like SchismTracker on Linux, a ton of Impulse Tracker(aka IT) versions in DOSBOX (in both linux&win7), IT inside DOS 6.22 running in VirtualBox, Cubic Player, ModPlug, winamp+modplug, foobar2000+modplug.

As a minimum, if you are unsure if it sounds as it was intended, save it as a new .it file and load this saved one. If it sounds different, then you know it didn't sound good. The first 10 sec are enough to know if it's correct.

This was my fav. tune of all time. I wanna make it work again, somehow. Maybe 486+IT needed?

This applies to cascade_new.it also!