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Title: Crossroads
Filename: crossroa.mod
Posted Sat 14th Dec 2019
Rated 8 / 10
This is pretty nice. The guitar sounds surprisingly life-like, considering that thid is a 4 channel MOD and often tracker music with guitars where the riffs aren't "baked" tend to not sound too excellent.
Good percussion samples too.

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Title: reverie of truth
Filename: misty_and_daeron_-_reverie_of_truth.mod
Posted Fri 29th Nov 2019
Rated 9 / 10
Likely my top favorite 4chn .MOD! And finally we have this FULL version of this track here in Mod Archive.

Hard percussion, nice synth sounds, especially the pseudo-orchestral synth strings' shifting chords are a treat!
And some great melodies.

So to summarize, a fantastic 4chn .MOD, that has good samples and does a great job on having alternating styles/cues.

However I'll give this "only" a 9 because I think the section after the first half is a little too similar to Second Reality's beginning melody, though it's not such a big deal in the end.