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Title: I FEEL OK
Filename: ok.mod
Posted Thu 11th Jun 2020
Rated 1 / 10
Dear Gargoyle -
Hi. I'm writing from the year 2020.
And... look. I'm torn. There you are, in September of 2001, and you have no idea what's gonna hit y’all in a few days. Trust me, it's going to put the sheer badness of "I FEEL OK" into sharp perspective. By next week, you'll be like "whoa, I guess there are worse things than this stupid MOD file I downloaded for some dumb reason." Maybe you'll feel bad about leaving that one star review, because it won’t matter anymore. Nothing will.
On the other hand: you’re right, this song is crap. I should know: I wrote it when I was 15 and it's bad. It was always bad. And it's deeply, deeply frustrating because I actually made some pretty good tunes back in the day, but - as far as I can tell - the only two still floating around are a decent Tori Amos ripoff called "Bitter Almonds" and this tossed off piece of poo I wrote in 20 minutes and posted to AOL the same night. That’s my legacy in “The MODScene.” >_<
Anyway… look, this is gonna come off as really bad taste to everyone in my time period, or rather it WOULD if we weren't dealing with a literal global pandemic and the crumbling of society as a whole while... look, Donald Trump is President. He is. This is not some dumb Doonesbury joke, This really happens. It's going exactly as well as you would think.
But, morally, since I have this chance, I have to tell you this: maybe don't get on a plane for a few days?

- The Artist Formerly Known As Blue Gerbil

P.S. snape kills dumbledore

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Filename: bitter_almonds.mod
Posted Thu 11th Jun 2020
Rated 7 / 10
I'm either biased or... the opposite of biased, but: I wrote this song when I was 16. I was BlueGerbil (aka WastedUTH, KameliOn, Redkang, Kanga, I don't even remember what else. This was AOL in the '90s. We weren't exactly building our brand, ya know.

I don't hate this. I don't. It's weird. I should be embarrassed by it but it's fine. I was clearly listening to a LOT of Tori Amos back then, but it's fine. I'm surprised that this has not one, but two hooks, because I usually pick one hook and stick with it and beat it to death like it's an intrusive raccoon.

Look: if they had emo back then, I would've been emo as heck. I was just post-grunge pseudo-goth-but-not-really angsty. Insufferable, smelly, and zit encrusted. And that's when I wrote this.. pretty damn nice little 4-track Mod. Please enjoy.