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Daemon (Stripecat)'s Comments

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Title: my wolf 2
Filename: mywolf2.mod
Posted Thu 26th May 2022
Rated 10 / 10
Amazing tune that is one of the greatest created on the Amiga in my opinion. It has a captivating melody and it's easy to miss that this is just 4 channels.

I can't put a finger on exactly why it's great. So I guess it's because the samples are top-notch, there are no boring repetitions and it's a happy journey of a melody.

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Title: drakfelch
Filename: drakfelch.mod
Posted Wed 10th Mar 2021
Rated 8 / 10
Daemon of Eternal chiming in here...

It was around 1995 and I was broadcasting on a small community radio station i Stockholm. My team was a part of the Federation of Young Scientists (fuf.org) and so... On the station, Danjel was part of another team. He was known in the demo scene as Amadeus of Meka Design. When he heard that we held an Amiga contest on the station, he submitted "Drakfelch" to the competition. I didn't know it then, but the song was named as it was because he wanted people (in the case: me) to say it out loud. As for me, that would have been live on the radio. "Felch" is a word that is a bit ... hum.. problematic. Don't advice you to Google for it. Apparently it's some sort of really weird sexual thing some people are into. He did the mistake of telling me about it, not understanding I had yet not announced the song. So that fell through. I ended up announcing the Drak- part of it, omitting the second syllable. So... That's the story of it... It's a great song and Drak- is probably from Drake, which in Swedish means dragon... I don't want to think too much about it.
It wasn't made for my competition, as it was created in 1993 for a demo party in Denmark...