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Dj. Floppar's Comments

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Title: epip - its meh leaf
Filename: epip_-_its_meh_leaf.mod
Posted Thu 10th Jun 2021
Rated 7 / 10
getting better :D I like the melody alot :3

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Title: epip_eu_-_stars_after_space.xm
Filename: epip_eu_-_stars_after_space.xm
Posted Wed 9th Jun 2021
Rated 4 / 10
quite bland :/ not much repetition/change ups or even a proper build up at all.

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Title: epip_eu_-_italo_beets.xm
Filename: epip_eu_-_italo_beets.xm
Posted Sun 16th May 2021
Rated 4 / 10
Really choppy, pretty short and the drum sequence isn't very good. I like the piano sample though.

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Title: demosongyes
Filename: demosongyes.mod
Posted Tue 11th May 2021
Rated 2 / 10
repetitive, short and quite jarring.

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Title: Drip
Filename: paper_-_drip.xm
Posted Tue 11th May 2021
Rated 10 / 10
thats a pretty sus track

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Title: Cho Ren Sha 68k- Infinity
Filename: paper_-_infinity.it
Posted Wed 5th May 2021
Rated 8 / 10
This is awesome, the organ sounding bit that comes in near the end is impeccable. The bass is AWESOME, sounds a bit like a fart :D

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Title: m-m-music_remix.xm
Filename: m-m-music_remix.xm
Posted Tue 4th May 2021
Rated 6 / 10
Repetitive much like your other modules, but pretty good for your skill level :)

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Title: rolldabouncybass.xm
Filename: rolldabouncybass.xm
Posted Tue 4th May 2021
Rated 3 / 10
This is much too repetitive, the samples are nice but I think the rhythm and overall layout of the song could be slightly less rushed. Good for your first real song tho!

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Title: Let the Beat Flow...
Filename: b_ltbf.xm
Posted Mon 19th Apr 2021
Rated 9 / 10
this is sick, no complaints other than it being a little repetitive.

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Title: Let the Beat Control
Filename: control.xm
Posted Mon 19th Apr 2021
Rated 1 / 10
really choppy and bad, samples dont fit, are various qualitys, not sure how in the hell this made it past TMA screening but here it is.