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font show - mahogany_-_font_show.xm

Review Score: 9/10

Overall Impression (9/10)

I Personally find this song very nice. The instruments were very nice in my opinion. I would have given this a ten if there was a good loop.

But still, nice work that you have submitted! :)

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boulderdash-c64 - boulderdash-c64.mod

Review Score: 7/10

Overall Impression (7/10)

This is a very simple and basic MOD song. It overall loops quite well, the rhythm is kind of meh, but other than that, it is a fairly good song.

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kurk.669 - kurk.669

Review Score: 4/10

Overall Impression (4/10)

Pros: good instruments, okay SFX

Cons: Beat is way too confusing to listen, overused samples

Summary: Not really an enjoyable song to listen to.