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  • 6th June 2020
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Full name: Erik Viktor Andreas Viklund.

Nationality: Swedish.

Hometown: Jokkmokk, northern Sweden.

Age: 38 (born in 1980).

Tracker of choice: FastTracker 2.09

Main instrument: piano/keyboard/synthesizer.

Groups and affiliations: TSEC (1996-1998), Kosmic Free Music Foundation (1998), Lagoona (2998-2004).

Groups and affiliations outside of the trackerscene: Daleri (2013) and several local live bands.

Profile: Musician since early childhood, and music producer since age 16 (in 1996). Started out with FastTracker 2 in 1996, after forming a band with my friend and neighbour Björn who had some prior experience of ProTracker on the Amiga. The band was called Solid Energy at first, which soon after evolved into The Solid Energy Crew - or just TSEC.

TSEC released a lot of music on The Mod Archive from 1996-1998. The band's second song, the track called "Dreams" (or dreams.xm) became a big hit on TMA. Even today (2018), it remains the 10th most downloaded song out of 120.000+ songs in the archive. TSEC is currently ranked #34 on the top artists chart.

TSEC was evolved into Lagoona in the end of 1998, at the sime time as the band started working with a hardware studio (synthesizers, MIDI sequencer, samplers and a digital mixer). During a 2-year period, Lagoona continued to make music with FastTracker 2, along with making music in the hardware studio. Some of Lagoonas early chart hits on MP3.com were made with FastTracker 2 - for example the Lagoona songs "The Power", "Parterial Enfino", "Take me home" and "My Way". After 2002, it was all hardware - even though the studio added a number of VST:s and a soundcard with DSP processors instead of using only hardware.

Lagoona was put to rest in 2004, after 8 great years. The band is no more, but the music is still around. And this is where it all started back in 1996 - modarchive.com...

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From: OldSchool Plm
01:08 on 17th July 2023
OldSchool Plm

I've been listening to your mods alot, great work

From: OldSchool Plm
21:18 on 7th March 2021
OldSchool Plm

ice cold :^}_~

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