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  • 10th June 2011
  • 24th November 2007
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I was active in the mod scene from 1995 to about 2004, had an international, short-lived but nonetheless fun tracking group called the "funky brains" consisting of D-Fast, Cryssalid, Christofori, Ceekayed (aka Crimson King), Fermus, infey and me, and for some time I was also involved in administering the ModArchive IRC channel and filtering new songs on the site.

Today I work fulltime as an IT freelancer in Munich and abandoned composing music almost completely. I bought myself an Ibanez BTB-205 bass instead and joined an internationally active choir.

Find below a selection of songs by me. I started with ScreamTracker 3.01 and continued with ImpulseTracker 2.14 to make my songs.

Release dates:
Aug 24, 1998: A Knight's Tale
Nov 2, 1998: Don't slam the door
Mar 15, 1999: Senses
May 2, 1999: Hidden Forest
Jun 19, 1999: For Jeanette
Nov 2, 1999: Between Reason and Rage
Nov 2, 1999: Freezing Tears
Jan 9, 2000: Blast Pit Intro
Apr 23, 2000: A Realm Beyond The Mists
Oct 16, 2000: Surreal Dream
Oct 22, 2000: Catullus
Nov 6, 2001: Void Glide
Nov 6, 2001: Echo
Mar 27, 2002: Snowflakes
Oct 2, 2002: Dawn
Oct 2, 2002: Didge Groove
May 10, 2003: Djinn
Jul 6, 2003: Homeless
Aug 10, 2003: (Simple Song on) Idolatry
Apr 20, 2004: Crystal

Feel free to remix, rearrange and include any of these songs in your non-commercial prods. Credits are appreciated. Note that the samples I used back then are usually pretty bad, so if you like a melody but not its sound, feel free to revamp it.

(NOTE that my profile on ModArchive now also contains songs (mainly S3M format) which I never uploaded here. I admit that I made them. The world would be better off if they had only be forgotten. Most sound samples in my mods were ripped from a small collection I got back then, before I even got to know the internet. I would prefer to delete them from TMA. :-) I mean, I do keep the records from that flute concert I gave at primary school, but on the web I would consider them a total waste of space :-P So are those S3Ms I made and released when I merely started making tracked songs.)

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From: Drozerix
04:20 on 25th September 2012

How's it going Gargoyle? Just wanted to say that i like your S3M stuff. Nice work! : )

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