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  • 10th March 2018
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Hallo, Sceners o/

During my time as a Demoscene musician, I have released a lot of tracks. Some are (very) good and some are very (VERY) bad. In the 90s, I fell victim to a hacking attack, and as a result, many of my tracks were released without my consent. Tracks that I never intended to release. Unfinished and pieces of music that I only practiced. It hurt me a lot at the time, and I was very frustrated. But I have also released many things that I am ashamed of today. But that's just how it is. I am human, I make mistakes :)

In mid-2004, I returned from a break in the demo scene and have been trying my hand at music again. I use tracker programs like Schism Tracker and now (finally) OpenMPT. In almost every track I've made since 2004, I try to incorporate a little bit of my emotions. But I don't always succeed. Privately and in real life, I'm a very quiet, very withdrawn person. I also have a very small ego and not much confidence in myself. Well then... I've written more now than I actually wanted to. Also, that's already more information than you can find about me on the web ;)

I also have a website, if you want, just visit me there. There you will find my music, some of my self-made samples/instruments, videos and much more.

You can reach me at: melcom-music.de, scenes.at/melcom or linktr.ee/melcom

Auf Wiedersehen ... o/
Yours, melcom

Recently, I was asked if I have a favorite song of mine. Yes, I actually do. I went through a difficult time and had to process it, so I composed Mechanical Love Song. I received support from Saga Musix. He listened to the track and gave me one of his brass samples. I am still grateful to him to this day. These brass instruments make the track sooo much better. I love you, my brother! Thank you so much!

MEL -Mechanical Love Song (melcom-mechlove.it)// YT-Video // from my web page

I can also recommend my track MEL -A Martian Song (melcom-martian.it)

I dedicated this track to all Martians! Yes, really, there are Martians. And you can even hear them singing in a small choir in my track. I captured their sweet little voices. Enough with the jokes ;) I wish you a lot of fun with this wonderful track. I like it myself, and I'm really glad that I finished this piece.

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From: melcom To: Drozerix
07:33 on 4th January 2023

Drozerix: I'm glad to read that :) Thank you very much

Re: Great music, quite inspiring :)

From: melcom To: ASIKWUSpulse
07:32 on 4th January 2023

ASIKWUSpulse: I was happy to do it. I had a lot of fun rating and listening to your track "Nox VS trash empire". :)

Re: Thanks for the comment on Nox VS trash empire! :D

From: Drozerix
06:37 on 3rd January 2023

Great music, quite inspiring :)

From: ASIKWUSpulse
18:52 on 27th December 2022

Thanks for the comment on Nox VS trash empire! :D

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