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Hi, I've been tracking since 1995, and have sporadically received mail that I should continue, so I did =)

I'm on what you might call a mega-sabbatical at the moment, tracking not one tune... when IT3 is out, I'll begin again, but Windows 2000 and old dos trackers don't mix. also, all windwos trackers I've seen so far suck egg.. so no fun there =(

Additionally, the email adress in the tracks is no longer valid.. the new adress is this one or you can visit the New PmI page at doorways ... I'm still trying to get all my music up there too.. but I need to be cautious with the space I have there...

Note: just because one person gives a track a low appreciation doesn't mean you won't like them either. no disrepect to the modcriticz here at modarchive! keep up the good work! just want you to listen before you judge... and of course, nearly all the 'poison' ARE all tracked in the first years or as simple passtime (so I don't claim they to surpass liquid quality =)

Err... I just had a peek at the "utter crap" reviews: yeah, most of them are right. stuff with 3.5's and 4.0's are tracks that I feel embarrsed about ever having released. but what the heck, the Modarchive is an archive, before anything else, and I'm not saying I can perform miracles everytime ... some of these tracks simply suck more than an industrial hoover, I concede to that. But others aren't half bad, and a minority even kicks ass ;)

I really should retrack some stuff with better samples and less time. but I can't be fudged =)

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