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OK, here are my brief 2014 links

* * *

online MOD to MP3 converter! http://media.io/
but it makes little sense without tags, so we have to join the ZIPped XM file http://modarchive.org/data/downloads.php?moduleid=146546#annie.xm
with MusicBrainz - https://musicbrainz.org/recording/d4ee3618-e2df-4df7-8531-90aa6173a596 and gather online versions such as http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LuRyAQObh8

basically, we need unified artist tag and assign fingerprints to it...

...VLC (videolan.org) plays and converts all modules on any platform, but proper artist tag and fingerprints are required nevertheless (I am looking for a VLC plugin or script). MP3 files can be uploaded to networks such as SoundCloud, MySpace, Facebook, Last.fm and others (there are lots nowadays) but there have to be tags and crosslinks to generate unified crowdsourced output (what is MusicBrainz made for)

* * *

Welcome to my new Modarchive page! Here are MODs I created in 1996-2000. You can also visit my homepage (link above) with some more music and mp3 versions as well as extra reviews (Trax in Space's).

Please note some mods here are of 2 versions: older and newer (improved - ModArchive doesn't generally allow to remove songs, and that may be reasonable). You are encouraged to download newer ones. Song with genre 'Other' is an older one but it may have a review, though. Download rain_ssr_upd.xm instead of 2718-rain.xm (1921 hits!), peace3.xm instead of peace2.xm (1081 hits), hymn_ssr_upd.xm instead of abkhymn.xm (3067 hits, score 8).

Songs marked 'Modstyle' and 'Chip', esp. ones in MOD format, are quite low-quality (made on 386DX->166MMX) but apparently with oldschool flavor =). Songs with genre 'Demo Style' were defined so by fellow reviewers and I left them that way though I never wrote songs for demos (though a couple of my mods were included in some games!).

Espflo.xm (1116 hits) seem to have been lost in transition and I'll be uploading it again soon as well as some other mods from my site. Vesna.xm on my site very slightly differs from the one up here.

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