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  • 8th January 2009
  • 15th July 2007
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Gopher is a professional engineer currently working as an aerodynamicist doing cool stuff at a desk or a wind tunnel for most of the time after having finished studies for a doctorate at some English university and then doing research for a couple of years in a dead end place in the northern frozen wastes of Norway north of the arctic circle doing boring stuff with a mixture of good people and arseholes. However, in his spare time, he writes music, of which some of his early works are listed below. These were written during 97 to about 2002, after which he moved on to sequencing orchestrated music. That said, he might still be tempted to give tracking another go should the right conditions arise.

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From: veedgo
04:53 on 5th December 2010

EPIC! I really like your compos.

From: yozfitz
18:20 on 15th May 2010


From: analogmoz
00:59 on 15th April 2010


Currently enjoying "Conquest of Farakhan".

From: Saga Musix
00:50 on 14th March 2009
Saga Musix


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