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  • 25th November 2018
  • 29th July 2007
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I'm a tracker from the midlands of England (Gloucester).
In october 2000 he co-formed a group of musicians called "Fromage" who write quality music for people who like to listen to melody and balanced chord sequences (as well as vast amounts of cheese!!).

Fromage faded out over the years and is pretty much gone now.

For a while I ran the Bi-Weekly Barwars compo with Infey(D Church - where are you man?) which had some fantastic entries from all over the world. One day this may return!

I'm still writing music...occasionally, but don't seem to have the time that I used to for it.

If anyone wants to get in touch to talk about the good old days (or the good new days!) don't use that freeserve address anymore! Blimey that's ancient!

Use andytheyates *ahem* at yahoo.co.uk

but not the *ahem* of course!

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From: aymes
14:57 on 26th May 2024

Uploading a few gaps in the list here that I've found. Thanks to ModReplay on Youtube for rekindling my love of these old mods :)

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