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  • 20th March 2010
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From: Atekuro
01:12 on 20th August 2019

Elwood, you, Anvil, Awesome, Rage, Raven, Galgox, LizardKing, and Ghidorah have inspired me to begin tracking, I have improved from last year to feb of this year. without you guys, I would have never discovered that there are boundaries in a tracker. I use to track music .xm and .it format in OpenMPT, but not anymore, now I use FastTracker 2, and Impulse Tracker to compose music in. I'll still use OpenMPT, but I'll use .mptm format in it, I greet you for some of your samples, especially samples from Awesome, Rage, Raven, Galgox, LizardKing, Anvil, and Ghidorah, I still don't know where if you still compose music or not, but I want o say thanks^_^


From: Golden_winged
06:58 on 3rd May 2019

I discovered your music by chance through ReclusiveLemming's YouTube channel. I have since listened to all your work and it has had a huge impact on me. I am blown away, you have genius compositional skills and there aren’t enough words to express the emotion you can convey through your songs. I know I am late to the party, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything.

From: Atekuro
15:36 on 15th March 2019

Elwood, you are the true legend of making module songs.

From: Atekuro
23:48 on 4th November 2018

Elwood, you are awesome. also, can I upload you extended mix of your music "unknown phuture"?

From: HellasPhoros
13:21 on 29th April 2016

Deep and great appreciation for your fine music.

Hellas listens to Elwood

From: Beyond
22:06 on 11th April 2013

Hey you!
Is it Ok if I have your song "DEADLOCK" in a compilation album I call "Tracked music vol.1" which I'll release for free on my website calleedlund.se? In a .txt file I'll include the samp/message text but exclude any e-mail etc

From: T-pix
17:45 on 18th April 2010

You are the true legend of tracked music!
thank You for the great tunes you've created.

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