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  • 20th March 2012
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Welcome to the MOD-Page of MrGamer of Chimera Music.

Here you will eventually be able to download 100% of my mod and xm's!

First some personal Info.
Living : Sweden
General styles : Techno-Jazz, Electronica, Trance, Syntheziser, Chip And Symphonic Synthesiser.

Then on to General Background

Started tracking with Fasttracker ][ in 1996 with no musical background whatsoever. Went over to Renoise in 2003 and I'm still using it, added another tracker called FamiTracker to my toolbox in 2015. FamiTracker is used for making 100% hardware-compatible NES-Music and supports a myriad of addon chips.

I can make anything from easy listening to industrial rave.

iThe modules here on The Mod Archive are reaaally old though, so If you wish to listen to some of my newer music, go to my Soundcloud page or try my Battle of the Bits page! :)

The oldschool "compo based" Battle of the Bits

My SoundCloud Page

Andreas Rohdin - MrGamer / Gamermachine

- Follow me on twitter!

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From: MrGamer To: Big Bag Of Chips
18:32 on 22nd November 2012

Big Bag Of Chips: Thank you, thank you very much!

Now, these are "old" tunes, but they still stand up well to my new stuff made in Renoise. :)

Re: I love your music man :D

From: Big Bag Of Chips
01:45 on 2nd July 2012
Big Bag Of Chips

I love your music man :D

From: Alpha C
02:00 on 13th October 2009
Alpha C

get your ass back here, dude ;)

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