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All songs are composed and arranged by -Ascender-
in between 1990/91/92/93 except Millenium...that one is from 1996...
I recommend playing these songs with XMPlayer, Protracker or Fasttracker 2.0x!!...pleez DON'T use WINAMP cause it can't handle 4-channel mods very good!

feel free to contact me for any reason:

(-; Carpe diem!

I'm out of music-business for years now... :(

01-02.08 680xx Convention 1993.
Held in a sports hall in Hamburg, Germany by Complex, Sanity, Supplex and
White Status for the amiga and atari scene. A surprising amount of
foreigners turned up, with participants from Belgium, The Netherlands,
Poland and even Hungary!

ยท Results from '680xx Convention 1993 Results'.

4chmus 1. Mr.Root/Union.
2. Anguish/Acrid.
3. Ripguy/Risk.
4. Mr.Looping.
5. Tommy.
6. Ascender/Logic.
7. Ronny/Alpha Flight.
8. Jester/Sanity.
9. Virgill/TRSI.
10. Jellybean/Arise.
11. Speedhoven/Niagara.
12. Gandi/Niagara.
13. S.O.M./Interactive.
14. Pitty/Dytec.
15. SLN/Profecy.
16. Stax/Laser.

The song which made the 6th place was "Motraction" ......

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