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the Deviant is an old time refugee from the TraxinSpace that once was.
I've been very inactive in recent years, it's funny how much less time you have when you have to adult.
my 'most recent' (haha) composition here is 'Aude Sapere'(yes it's latin. No I won't tell you what it means.)
rated 4th in metalscenes end of year-oldskool-samplepack compo, it's d'n'b with some ska and industrial feeling thrown in for good measure. Let me know what you think :D

A couple of more recent tracks on are my soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/bogzla)

As for the rest of my stuff, personally I recommend spread the virus (my personal fave), Eden V2.0 (I've recieved most positive comments for this song..), Acid Phuture, stardust and sparkles (if ya like trance and techno)

Escape, drummaz, solar rift and distant lullaby are my early songs and not really that good. I've left them up for completeness...

Shout outz to tha punx, cyberpunx, rebels, freaks, deviants, open minds and freethinkers.

Go on, commit that thought crime....

maybe some day soon I'll upload something new by accident

the Deviant
bogzla [AT] yahoo [DOT] co [DOT] uk

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From: WandererOfDeis
14:26 on 5th July 2012

I think u have an incredible talent... I hope you'll some day create the song called "When Kartman Rules the Entire World"!!

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