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SaxxonPike -SPK was spotlit on:

  • 18th January 2022
  • 8th March 2008
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SaxxonPike of TiTAN (sXp^ttn). Some releases as Saxxon and Sanxion7. Still making the occasional scene contribution, mostly tracker music and C64. Furry and strange. My modules here are some of the earliest music works I have ever done, particularly through 2002 while I was learning how to do make it.

TMA is among my first internet memories in the late 90's. I have been tracking on PC since 1997 and C64 since 2007. I have some commercial credits (mostly rhythm games) but music has always been a hobby more than business. Still, you can ask me about music for a prod.

Bandcamp - sanxion7.com
Pouet - saxxonpike
Mastodon - @saxxon@yiff.life (yes it's real, but it's nerd shit)
Twitter - saxxonfox (also nerd shit)
Email - saxxonpike@gmail.com

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From: m0d
23:24 on 18th January 2022

Quality content.

From: Drozerix
05:36 on 1st November 2012

Hey man you've got some really awesome songs :)

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