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Dear sir/madame,

This is my home at the Mod Archive. As I found TiS no longer working, I had no more choice than to register myself to this very non-commercial and home-made place. I'm 16 (now 18) years old, and I've been in the tracking industry for about 2 years. I track almost everything. As long as it sounds good, I like to track it. No longer dance or trance though... mostly pop or rock stuff. Also some ambience will probably be shown here soon.

If you would like to contact me, there are different ways of doing it. You can always find me on the #modarchive channel at DALnet. I might not be there, please don't spank me if I'm not - just simply type /whois Mikke and you'll se if I'm away or not. If so, you can either msg me there and I will read your private message when I get back in the awaylog, or add me at ICQ, #8716924.

I'm listening alot to tracked music. Actually, almost more than "real" music. With "real", I mean commercial music or music wich has been produced on a CD.
My favourite group is Bad Religion. Though I'm listening to them alot, I get no inspiration from them when tracking, since I've found it very hard to track in that genre.
Great trackers is Awesome, HoBak, Area51DNA, Andreas Viklund and Perrra.

As a last thing, I would especially like to greet my wonderful best friends. Both on the Internet, and in Real Life.

o Komsip, for being a good friend and come with alot of good suggestions and positive comments about the music I'm providing.

o HyoCHAN, one of my nearest and best friends. He's the guy who introduced me to tracking, and really has a great creativity when making music. Cya pal!

o SuperstarSyndrome, for making damn good music and always is there to comment my songs. I really adore you. If I ever will meet you, you will rock my world both IRL and over the Internet!... and remember: Don't give up, there's a day tomorrow.

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