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Part-time tracker from Finland, born in 1980. My real name is Leo Laine. Started tracking in 1996. All songs made with Fast Tracker 2. And every note arranged by me. Meaning no loops used (except some effects).

For those new to my song naming system, U means an update and is better than the original version of a song. FINAL/F is usually the last version of a song and so it's the best choise to download. Expect if a song has F/U version, which is an update to final version. And R means song is a remix. So it's just a common sense.

Update 16.02.2008:

I decided to add couple of my earlier productions. The reason I haven't uploaded them sooner is that I've thought they aren't good enough. But I've had that "Control the Chaos" song here for many years now and I think these new additions are at least as good as that one.

- Dark Side
- Hope Remains
- Memories of the Past
- Two Sides

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