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Ultrasyd was spotlit on:

  • 10th November 2011
  • 5th March 2010
  • 3rd September 2009
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Some of my mods (most here are chiptunes or old things) For more tracks and mp3, find me on:

- 8bc
- CTGmusic.com
- My website

Most of these tracks are old. I'm tracking again on several machines : you'd better check my tunes on Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, C64 and Game Boy :)

Have fun, and keep on spreading the good vibes !

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Last 10 messages:
From: Saga Musix To: Gastón Abeo
15:35 on 6th May 2021
Saga Musix

Gastón Abeo: Ultrasyd sadly passed away last year: https://www.pouet.net/topic.php?which=12001&page=1

Re: What?! Is he dead?!

From: Gastón Abeo To: Saga Musix
15:33 on 6th May 2021
Gastón Abeo

Saga Musix: What?! Is he dead?!

Re: Rest in peace, mate. :\

From: Saga Musix
23:32 on 3rd May 2021
Saga Musix

Rest in peace, mate. :\

From: XyNo
23:13 on 18th January 2012

T'est une brute Syd !!! Comme dirais les old-schools...cheers from Canada ! ;)

From: Jester
22:49 on 9th September 2010

Your reworking of Elysium in your Amiga Tribute is pretty much the best I've heard on the net so far. There are some really sad remixes out there but yours really captures the spirit and transfers it nicely to your energetic 8bit sound. Class A stuff!

From: Serpent
07:37 on 6th March 2010

greets :)

From: Ultrasyd To: cce
22:48 on 28th September 2009

cce: Thx ;)

Re: Heard your stuff here and in 8bc, great work!

From: cce
14:45 on 7th September 2009

Heard your stuff here and in 8bc, great work!

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