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I'm Invisuu, I'm a tracker from Argentina. I've doing music since 1996 but on 2002 I started to share my music. I track Black/Death Metal , Experimental, Atonal Music and other. I play the Drums on a Black Metal band (No name yet).


- Danza Macabra = The Evil Dance of the Living Spirits. SEPTEMBER 2002
- Dim = Melodic Black Metal. JANUARY 2002
- Disturbed and Terrified by a Circle of Joyful Singing Children = Tranquill but Suppresive Guitar Music. APRIL 2002
- Disturbed and Terrified by a Circle of Joyful Singing Children - Part II: Bewildered by Panic = Part II, now a Duet. JANUARY 2003
- Double Dragon II - Title Song = A (Kind of) Metal Version of this Song. AUGUST 2002
- Festival = A Black Metal song with H.P.Lovecraft Lyrics. FEBRUARY 2003
- Immortal = Black Metal inspired in (or stolen from :) ) the band Taake. AUGUST 2001
- Blood: Spill Some - Infuscomus = The Song "Infuscomus" from this Great Game. SEPTEMBER 2002
- Khaos = Chaotic Black Metal / Death Metal, Jazz and other. All Irregular rythms and changing every time. JANUARY 2002
- Garbage - Queer (Obscure Mix) = An Evil Mix of this Great song. OCTOBER 2002
- Satana Church = Horror music, Very dissonant, few parts of Metal and a hard work on the Drums. FEBRUARY 2002
- Shaantitus = Similar to Khaos, Changing a lot but this one is more melodic, and better I think. MAY 2002
- Warfare = Black Metal song with a war intro. SEPTEMBER 2001
- XILQA XILQA BESA BESA = The Black Metal song that is part of Tracked Aggression 9. NOVEMBER 2002
- X-periMETAL = Experimental song: Black Metal, Tecno, Horror, etc. NOVEMBER 2001


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