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Metal/Symphonic mods.

All mods are in *.it format and are made in ModPlug Tracker. They all date from 2001 and after... Best listened with ModPlug Player, or XMPlay.

My homepage with all my songs, including many higher quality versions in mo3 and mp3 format:www.cage.alturl.com

Contact: kooybas@hotmail.com

Inspiration (favourite bands)

Gamma Ray
Sonata Arctica
Within Temptation
Metallica (the old stuff)
...and many others

26/10/2003:Changed the layout of this page. I have a new song finished, but I only have it in mp3 format as of yet. I will try to make an *.it version soon. Meanwhile, you can get the mp3 version here...
04/01/2003:Uploaded my cover of Metallica's 'One' to the MA. It was featured on the Metal Maddness disk and has some great vocals by Barfington.
26/08/2002:Uploaded new song to MA, a symphonic metal ballad this time. It seems I'm still learning 'cause this has to be my best song yet... A Hero's Death.
19/07/2002:'Speed of Light' was added to the archive. Download it now, it's a speed metal/power metal tune.

I suggest you download one of the top four songs in the list below. The bottom four are quite old (except for 'Speed of Light') and are nowhere near as good as the top four.

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