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  • 21st June 2011
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Hello, fans of module music!  It is I, the one-and-only Jo Li!

What?  You've never heard of me?  Well, that's fine.  I've never heard of you, either.  ;)
But, in all seriousness, I think my best "claim to fame" is probably the 87-some Mega Man arrangements/remixes I've done in Scream Tracker 3 format.  I liked to spread those files around~  You can find those – and more – right here on The Mod Archive!  Be warned, though!  The earlier stuff is pretty old and pretty awful~

Around 2010, I got into the MIDI format.  Pretty much every MIDI arrangement I've ever made can be found on VGMusic, in fact.  I also got into FamiTracker, in the mid-'10s, and even got back into modules, around that time.  These days, though?  I rarely make music, but anything new can be found on my SoundCloud site. (Linked on my Tumblr page.)

Thanks for stopping by my profile, and I hope you enjoy my music, as well as the other music on this site!

~ J

Formerly "Joseph Tek Fox" (1998 to 2001)
Formerly "Joseph Collins" (2001 to 2020)

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From: Drozerix
04:15 on 4th June 2021

Not sure if you know this but the link to your website says "There's nothing here."

From: cyborg jeff
14:53 on 20th April 2016
cyborg jeff

That's right Joshep, the correct name was "Flood of Energy" that was realeased with the album "Let the sun shine".

That version included some "VST" effect used with Modplug Tracker for the CD version, but unfortunatly Mod Archive did not show "samples data" where i put all the informations ; )

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