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  • 21st June 2011
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Welcome, music-goer, to my page. Here, you will find mostly video game remixes, but maybe the occasional original file.

You might know me as "that one guy who did all those Rockman modules", if you've been around the 'net as long as I have... or if you're just joining us here at The Mod Archive, since I uploaded all 87 of them recently. You might also know me better as "Joseph D. Collins" or "joseph fox", since those were both my older handles. Regardless of how you got here, welcome and thank you for stopping by my profile!

I don't do much in the way of Modules these days, having moved on to MIDIs instead, but that's not to say I'm completely and totally finished with Modules. Modules are quite possibly my favorite music format, so I enjoy listening to them as much as I once enjoyed making them, back in the day. Perhaps, some time down the road, I'll get back into making Modules. Or perhaps I could convert some of my MIDIs into Modules, as I've converted Modules into MIDIs! No one knows what the future holds, eh?

Some of this stuff may be pretty old, so, forgive me, on that note... but this is an archival site, after all. ;3

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From: cyborg jeff
14:53 on 20th April 2016
cyborg jeff

That's right Joshep, the correct name was "Flood of Energy" that was realeased with the album "Let the sun shine".

That version included some "VST" effect used with Modplug Tracker for the CD version, but unfortunatly Mod Archive did not show "samples data" where i put all the informations ; )

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