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I'm - Butch (nick from "Pulp Fiction" -it's my favourite film). Russia. 29 years old. I am tracker since 2000, on a scene has appeared in 2002. At once I want to apologize for my English :) i hop you understand me :)

On this page I shall tell about music which submitted here, that it would be easier to choose what to listen.

Accordion - Accordion improvisation for arcade game.

Inaccessible depth - Dynamical elecronic module.

Alone in infinity - melancholic instrumental, with guitar and piano. It is recommended to people who hopelessly in love:)

Mystique - Ambient, I think it closer to old school. January - Modarchive Top 10.

The Different World - NewAge, reminds Enigma. 2-nd place on Millennium demoparty 2003.

DreamEast - early Demostyle module, dynamical enough. Fantasy about Egypt.

Electronic Expression - Depeche mode style music. Early DM... 87 or 90.

In a flame - guitar instrumental about love:) 3-d place in Amazement Music Competition 2003.

Flight - adult alternative, this is JMJ-style music. February - Modarchive Top 10.

Halo - symphonic electronica, reminds music from Unreal.

Hazy distance - melodic instrumental with electronic elements. 5 place in Fido7.Sound.Uue Hit-parade n28.

Hazy distance[TECHNO MIX] - techno remix of the same named composition.

Heaven number eight - Melodic imagination with a guitar and electronics.

Invisible movement - techno in old school style, i think.

The Lost Planet - Melodic atmospheric module with elements of Ambient. 4 place in Fido7.Sound.Uue Hit-parade n29.

Love touch - the Love ballad with some elements of NewAge.

Some words about rain... - melodic orchestral fantasy.

Sky cruiser - expression, dynamical module about combat flight of space cruiser.

Road to Sunset - melodic rock. 2-nd place on CAFE 2003 DemoParty.

Thailand 008 - this is James Bond style music:) the dynamical module. 2-nd place on Millennium 2003 demoparty in Wild music compo.

The sixth transfer - a dynamical electronic track with elements of rock.

West song - soft rock, ballad, orchestral. 2-nd place on CAFE 2003 DemoParty.1-st place on The Complete MOD Compo - November 2003.

Winter night - orchestral fantasy. 1-st place on The Complete MOD Compo - October 2003.

mo3-compressed versions of tracks you can find on the site of group UnLimit. Information about mo3-compression you can find here.

Greetings to all musicians of the world!

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From: Monsterovich
22:22 on 18th April 2016

I love your music! :D

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