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In 1992, we got together and made some music. Some of it was good; some was awesome; some... wasn't. Surprised the heck out of me to find out that, a decade later, a good-sized chunk of our stuff made it to the MOD Archive -- we never thought globally, since all we did was upload to local BBSes. So, here we are. Enjoy.

Thanks (in retrospect) go out to Major Tom of Cybersapiens/Deus of Audioscape, MODDan from KLF, and probably a whole bunch of people that ten years of decadence have erased from my memory.

"What up, wagonwheel?"

The KMC was:
Matt Shaw

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From: ChicagoWiz
16:56 on 22nd September 2011

Hey Matt... long time no see! Drop me a line!

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