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This is the page where you can find (almost) all of my previously released mods.

Important!!! Visit http://www.novusmusic.org/cmc and vote my song "Transcended State" in October 2003 batch. Remember to listen to all entries though first.

About me:

I am a 24 years old male person living in Tampere, Finland. I study music in Tampere Conservatory. My main subject is classical piano. I will be a music pedagogue after a couple of years. Currently I am not in any demo group.

If you wish to contact me for any reason, you can do so by e-mail: lauri.tikkanen@piramk.fi

Some of my songs mastered in MP3-format can be found at http://www.mikseri.net/ktl too. This site is currently very slow though.

About the songs:

Cybernoid II Remix (lt_cyber.it) is a remix of the original Cybernoid II loading music on C64 by Jeroen Tel. This remix has been made originally for Big Chip Compo #5. The version archived in here however is slightly defected i.e. it is not the actual compo release version. Nothing spectacularly wrong though. Only the hihat is too loud and too much panned right and the rhythm of the lead synth is a bit wrong in some places.

The Lost Love (lt_lostlove.it) is my first complete mod ever! It is originally composed for the chip compo organized at funktio.org. The version archived in here is however not the original release version, but a slightly edited and better version with different comments too.

Three Weeks (lt_3weeks.it) is originally composed for the 100kb Non-Chip Compo organized at funktio.org. Style is 80's Disco Music. All samples created by yours truly. This is a rather funky song, good music for parties perhaps.

Pain Elemental (lt_pain.it) is composed originally for the 2,5 megs Self-Sampling Compo organized at funktio.org. All samples by yours truly. Style is a bit more experimental this time with some junglist vibes. Most of the samples are created with the 4-op. FM-synth in Sound Forge. This song is very original in style and at times a bit scary too.

Late Night (lt_night.it) is composed for the 4kb Micro Chip Compo, the most delayd and lame compo in the history of scene. Style resembles IMO a bit the 80's cracktro muzak style. This song is quite original too but very short (only 58secs) due to the sizelimit. My first 4kb mod.

Back to the School (lt_school.it) is just a simple song I wrote after the summer holiday. Not very interesting musically IMHO. Genre is atmospheric jungle.

BuLLeT (lt_bullet.it) is composed in the summer 2003. It is mainly goa but has strong breakbeat vibes too. This is a rather minimalistic song with lots of repetition and playing around with Impulse Tracker's filters to develop the song. Released in the Amazement Music Compo.

Transcended State (lt_trans.it) is my first module accepted to the Complete Mod Compo (actually it's my first mod applied there too...). The style of this song is atmospheric jungle. This is a rather long song which relies very much on the catchy lead line. A recommended download!

Broken Glass (lt_brokenglass.it) is the newest addition to the list. I intend to submit this to the November 2003 CMC batch. Style is atmospheric jungle just like my previous entry, but this time with a darker feeling and an ambient introduction. Melodies are also more jazzy in contrast to the simple trance-melodies of "Transcended State". A recommended download too!

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