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Welcome!!! Finally, after years and years, I've come back!

I'm Chrono, old date tracker (1995) from Italy.

Here a list of my best songs:
- Desiree: [miss comment]
- Dynamic round: A mix of ballade (the first part) and dance (the second), enjoy all the song because the second part is wonderful!
- Falling stars: I consider this my best song, absolutely! I like the flute and the piano together... geeez!
- Where is your love?: Ballad style, tracked in some circumstances...
- Tyran wave: Another try for a fantasy style...
- Utopia: Well... it's like minimal slow-dance style!

Thanks for visiting!
Feedback always accepted, and if you want my help for new songs (I've many ideas but not the time) please contact me.

E-mail: drayden79@yahoo.it
Messenger: ask me!

And remember...

PS: Please note that when I wrote the mods it was the period between 1994-1997, in the earlier of the mod scene (that if I remember well starts about 1990). So don't think about bad or broken sample, becase if you track on a 100MB HD with yours SoundBlaster 16 you don't care about clear sound and multi-channel!

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