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well, hell, let's put some useless info here.

I started tracking at 1993 with my old precious Amiga 500. I did mostly metal, death metal that is, since it was what I liked. I didn't release anything back then because I didn't have a modem in my Amiga. In 1995 I bought a PC with a modem, and started releasing death metal under alias Corpse. Oh those we're the days. I released my tracks in Finnish bbs's like The End Complete and Mikrobitti. In 1996 I changed my alias to Black Orchid, and released more death/doom/black metal.
Later in 1996 I got pretty damn bored with metal, and started releasing trip hop and other electronic stuff. By this time I took a new handle, Fifth Note. Most of these tracks are here in modarchive. I still consider Ainoa and Keskipiste to be pretty damn good tracks, do check them out.

My problem always was finishing tracks, and that's why I have so few tracks. I have over 700 unfinished tracks on my HD, and maybe one day I'll finish some of them. Might not happen, though, since I can't get my bleeding FT2 work on this stupid win2000. Oh well, maybe I'll get some of my old computers out of the closet.

Have fun, and check my site, where I have the metal tunes. http://www.hertsi.com

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From: belbo
08:44 on 31st January 2014

Excellent, keep it up!

From: excelenter
08:22 on 27th July 2010

Awesome music!

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