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Greeting to all of thee!

My name is Sebastian, I'm born in February 1980 and I live in germany. Since I'm 6 years old, I'm playing around with computers and was fascinating what we can do with them (no I don't mean just gaming).
I learned first BASIC programming, then I switched to assembler (m68k), then to C/C and Java. Finally I dealt with PHP and other web languages like JavaScript.
It was the time around 1996 when I started to make music on Amiga with OctaMED 4, because I wanted an OS friendly program (which ProTracker wasn't) in which I saved my modules as ProTracker compatible instead of MED.
Later I switched to FastTracker 2 when I moved to PC, shortly I took a look on ScreamTracker 3, but I moved quickly to ImpulseTracker which I still use in it's original state using DOSEMU under Linux (Kubuntu Dapper Drake 6.06.1 LTS).
1997 I started also writing a open source, portable, multichannel, modular structured (i.e. you can extend it easily) tracker called TuComposer which is still under development today (since I'm not having nearly as much as free time as these past days, development goes on very slowly at the moment).
Most of the internal stuff including the player is finished, but there's still missing a GUI for editing (which is planned to be done on wxWidgets cross-plattform GUI library).
TuComposer can currently load MOD/S3M/XM/IT and TCM (it's own easily extensible IFF-style module format) and FutureComposer 1.3/1.4 modules. Saving is planned in all of these formats but currently works only with TCM...since it's modular (library/DLL/so based), implementing new loaders and savers is no problem...
Because I started development on Amiga during a time where I didn't really know much of plattform independent coding, I have to rewrite a lot (for the 2nd time, since TuComposer was started in 100% m68k Assembler, so I later had to convert over 30000 lines of Asm code to C).
Apart from computing, I deal a lot with mother nature and spiritual stuff (no not that mainstream thing), but I won't go into detail here, because spirituality is private for someone and I don't want to convert anybody, if somebody is still interested in this, he/she can write me about it.
As I'm interested in spiritual stuff, so I'm interested in science (mainly mathematics and physics, almost anything what has to do with holography, scale invariance and chaos theory).
Musically my absolutely favourite style is Goa Trance besides from classical meditative music. But I have an open ear to any music style (there's good as well as bad music in every style I think).

If you download some of my older modules, you will find the following email address:

This address is not valid anymore. If you wish to write me, please use @web.de or @googlemail.com instead of @usa.net. Thank you...
I wish you very much fun listening to my music and don't hesistate to write criticism about it!

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