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  • 27th January 2008
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For recent productions or work supply (any formats) contact:

You can also write me to give a comment about my work or just to have a friendly chat!


Started composing tracked music in a french amiga demoscene group called Hexod.
Joined Ramjam Italian amiga demoscene group.


Joined french Amiga demoscene group called Syndrome. Participated in demos like X-Orgasm, KickDown packs, No Love.
Made several chiptunes for SpaycePacks by Psykotrope (French Amiga Demogroup) and Chip In Paris #3 by Gods.


contributed to Jurassic Pack diskmag by Gods


joined "Digital (new)" English Amiga Demoscene as a doublemember.
contributed to Troglodyte#4 by Nuance, Eurocharts #31 and some other amiga stuffs.


Had to quit the amiga demoscene because of my military service and the crash of my amiga disk reader :'(
Though continued tracked music for fun.

1999 to 2005:

Started composing some musics on other platforms than amiga made tracked musics for games on different platforms (NDS, Amiga, GP2X, PC, Symbian, Pocket PC)

Joined Nuance demogroup on PC as a musician.
Joined Chimera Music - tracked music label with some friends of modulez.org


Contributed to Jurassic Pack#17 by Scarab and Moods Plateau (Amiga demoscene)


Made musics for the following prods:
Stars by LittleWhite (PC demo),
Bits'n'Pieces by Chimera Music,
The Ultimated Meat Thing (PC intro) by Nuance.


Contributed to:

- Slidetro - Intro (NUANCE) -- Music -- PC
- Wubiw- Demo (LITTLEWHITE) -- Music -- PC
- Broken - DEMO (BINARY BROS) -- Music -- PC
- TRILOBYTE #12 - CHIPDISK (NUANCE) -- Code and Music -- PC

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