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  • i Modules in Archive: 128
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  • i Total Downloads: 222845
  • i Stats Updated: 2023-12-05 05:04:05
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  • 9th November 2021
  • 2nd May 2014
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  • 2nd June 2008
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Saga Musix...
... is a German tracker musician and programmer born in 1990. He is also programming games and tools since 2002 and composes modules since 2004 (2002 if counting in poor attempts at DOS AdLib trackers). He's spent more than half of his lifetime with tracker music. He's mostly working in the synthpop and trance genres, but occasionally dabbles in other, mostly electronic genres too. In his spare time, Saga Musix enjoys listening to music, watching demos, going to demoparties, programming and similar computer related stuff. Some time ago, he started composing music for a demo group called Nuance.

Saga Musix is also one of the guys who filter your daily ModArchive uploads and moderates the forums here, and is also a #modarchive operator. So watch out! ;-P

Hell, why do I write in 3rd person?!

This collection does not feature all modules I've written (some old stuff is fortunately missing). However, I've also uploaded some tunes from my games to ModArchive which you won't find on my website.
These days, I'm occasionally using VST plugins in my modules, also VST instruments, so uploading some of my new tracks to TMA is simply impractical. So if you like the stuff you can download here, you're invited to visit my website where you can find some more recent modules! Also, if you want to download all my stuff in one go, please visit my untergrund ftp.
Have Phun!

Don't know where to start? Here are some of my personal favourites, sorted from newest to oldest. Maybe some of those tunes will delight you:
Epilogue (saga_musix_-_epilogue.it)
Rainforest (bacter_vs_saga_musix_-_rainforest.it)
Time To Fly (bacter_vs_saga_musix_-_time_to_fly.it)
Meadow at Night (saga_musix_-_meadow_at_night.it)
Far Off (bacter_vs_saga_musix_-_far_off.it)
Disassembly (saga_musix_-_disassembly.it)
Walking the Stratosphere (bacter_vs_saga_musix_-_walking_the_stratosphere.it)
Mindful Journey (bacter_vs_saga_musix_-_mindful_journey.it)
Outline Bees (bacter_vs_saga_musix_-_outline_bees.it)
Megastar (bacter_vs_saga_musix_-_megastar.it)
Lunar Therapy (bacter_vs_saga_musix_-_lunar_therapy.it)
Neon Racer (bacter_vs_saga_musix_-_neon_racer.it)
Nightfall (bacter_vs_saga_musix_-_nightfall.it)
Mystic (bacter_vs_saga_musix_-_mystic.it)
Whiskey Drops (bacter_vs_saga_musix_-_whiskey_drops.it)
Snowflakes (saga_musix_-_snowflakes.it)
Arrival (saga_musix_-_arrival.it)
Daydreams (saga_musix_-_daydreams.it)
Discovery (saga_musix_-_discovery.it)
Suburban Streets (saga_musix_-_suburban_streets.it)
The Knight's Story (saga_musix_-_the_knights_story.it)
Reptile In Jamaica (saga_musix_vs_teasy_-_reptile_in_jamaica.it)
A Winter's Night Dream (saga_musix_-_a_winters_night_dream.it)
Infinite Tunnel (saga_musix_-_infinite_tunnel.it)
Saga Musix - Timelord (saga_musix_-_timelord.it)
Enigmatic Path (saga_musix_-_enigmatic_path.it)

How to play my modules: I recommend using OpenMPT to listen to my tracks. XMPlay is also a very good choice. The safest way to listen to the tunes "as intended" is to download the Ogg / FLAC files on my website if you don't want to / can't use OpenMPT. Do NOT use MikMod or any player that uses MikMod (for example Winamp). Also, XM-based players / trackers like MilkyTracker are a no-no. Don't even think about opening .IT files in Milky. It's horrible. Only do it if you need a good laugh. ;-)

Note: OpenMPT's playback engine is available as input plugins for XMPlay, Winamp and Foobar2000 as well. There are several players for other platforms available as well. The ModArchive online player is based on libopenmpt, too, so you can be sure that it plays my tunes correctly.

Caution: Some of my modules from the 2007-2009 era use VST plugins (I refrain from uploading such modules to TMA these days). You have to play these tracks in OpenMPT. I've prepared a small tutorial that demonstrates how to handle VST plugins in OpenMPT (which is dead simple). There's also a list of free VST plugins that I use - you can download them right from my website or the author's website. Sorry for the inconvenience, and sorry for polluting IT files with VST, but history cannot be changed, so those files are here now.

As you might know, I've also joined the OpenMPT dev team in autumn 2008; OpenMPT is now the biggest project that I maintain in my spare time. I have massively improved IT / FT2 compatibility, so if a tune still plays wrong in OpenMPT, I'm the person to bother!

I also started the official German OpenMPT Wiki together with cubaxd. If you can read German and are an OpenMPT user (or want to become one), this is a place you should definitely go for. A comprehensive list of features, effects and how-tos, easily extensible by you, thanks to the wiki system!

Other programming work
I've also written some useful tools. One that may be of your interest is Mod Library. It helps you keeping track of your module collection. Supports many popular formats!
The programming is multilingual (currently German and English)


Saga Musix's messages

Last 10 messages:
From: PsychoDargon
19:39 on 21st September 2023

Where are you saga musix?, you haven't been online here in almost a year, can you please ban blackwhitey? https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_profile&query=95565

From: Viraxor
13:31 on 21st September 2023

hello, can you please ban blackwhitey? they've been claiming ownership on modules that aren't theirs

From: tero risti
20:42 on 5th August 2023
tero risti

Hallo Johannes,

I've finished uploading my old 1991-2002 stuff here. Only handful of Amiga disks still wait in my shelf to be rescued and converted and some lost files are still missing somewhere in the digital space..
New stuff is of course coming, but I'd like to have my pending list cleared. So, could you (or someone else from the crew) please check my pending modules (release or reject).
Some of them have been hanging about a year there for a second thought.

Vielen Dank und Gruss,

From: Manical
03:57 on 11th July 2023

Great tracks mate, hope to hear more from you!

From: Viraxor
09:48 on 18th February 2023

This tune has two comments by the same user: https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_by_moduleid&query=48926

From: Saga Musix To: Viraxor
19:14 on 17th October 2022
Saga Musix

Viraxor: The extreme content to size ratio was overlooked.

Re: Hello, how was the huxchx.it (ID: 198951) module accepted on the archive? It was 11 MB large and 27 seconds long. (Note: I am not frustrated, just asking. It is really weird to have this on the archive, despite the screening rules :)

From: YeKM19 To: Saga Musix
16:32 on 17th October 2022

Saga Musix: Thank You☺️

Re: Yep, they are gone now.

From: Saga Musix To: YeKM19
16:13 on 17th October 2022
Saga Musix

YeKM19: Yep, they are gone now.

Re: Hi Saga, Can You Cancel or reject a Pending my Module Name Track balrog.mptm and balrog-340.mptm.

From: YeKM19
16:02 on 17th October 2022

Hi Saga, Can You Cancel or reject a Pending my Module Name Track balrog.mptm and balrog-340.mptm.

From: Viraxor
15:20 on 15th October 2022

Hello, how was the huxchx.it (ID: 198951) module accepted on the archive? It was 11 MB large and 27 seconds long. (Note: I am not frustrated, just asking. It is really weird to have this on the archive, despite the screening rules :)

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