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  • 25th February 2008
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pie eater extraordinairre! I'm also into making music with either my hardware stuff, or the bare naked PC. When I use the PC, my files end up here on ModArchive! The best place to get mods, since the year dot.

Oh yeah...... guess you really dont wish to read about me, so I'm gonna bore ya then!

I started tracking in 1991 really, when I was in high school... I found a program called 'Mod Tracker' on the Acorn Archimedes computer system. I made about 4 or 5 patterns in total... It wasn't until I had a PC that I really got going though, and in 1994, I completed my first tune ever! I have it, but you're not having it, so f*** off!.

So, yep, I was in my own little world for a few years, and it wasn't until 1998, I was on the intarweb. I immediately signed upto to TraxInSpace to release my shit, after looking on Modarchive, and thanks to its clumsy interface back then, thought it wasn't for me.

9 years on, TiS is long gone, TMA is still here! How wrong I was! and the current incarnation is awesome!.

So yeah, been tracking too long, been around the scene since 1998.... Some would see me as a n00b, while others call me an old timer....

I have gone under names such as 'DJ Kinetix...Vinyl Junkie(until I realised there was a real DJ called that), Kangaman...and of course, my classic name 'Slammin' Vinyl'. I use slammy these days, as a shortened version of slammin vinyl, but I think it sounds gay, so I dunno what to do :/

Oh yeah, and I'm cool too and you're not!

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From: Tricky
11:34 on 26th February 2021

Yo there.... How nice to see an old friend here by simply looking up some random modules. TiS may be no more, but er... You still on CRAQ?

From: Saga Musix
18:19 on 16th March 2010
Saga Musix


From: slammy
22:49 on 3rd February 2010


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