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# Personal Information #

Real Name: Daniel Ricardo Luisi
Birth Date: 09/15/79
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 182 Cm
Weight: 80 Kg

# More Information (Only For Fans) #

Favorite Artist: Elvis Presley
Favorite Band: Black Sabbath
Favorite Place: Bridge Of Rialto (Venice)
Favorite Drink: White Wine
Favorite Film: The Godfather
Favorite Film Star: Al Pacino
Favorite Animal: Owl
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Time Of The Year: September
Favorite Number: 5
Favorite Sport: Football Soccer

# Information About Venice #


# Information About My Music #

My Style: Grand Pianos, Synthesizers, With An Italian Touch.
My Favorite Songs: Nevermore Sad, The Ocean, Ancient Mansion, Gondolas, And My Bedroom (My World).

I Made Almost All My Songs In Modplug Tracker, I Recommend To Use The Modplug Player Or The Sonique For To Hear Them.

About My Music (In Italian, Spanish Or English) / MSN:


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