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  • 7th February 2014
  • 1st April 2009
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If you like my music, and would like to hear some more professional sounding stuff, please visit my Soundcloud:

Woolters' Soundcloud! Yay!

About Woolters:

I'm from the Netherlands. Yes! That beautiful country in western Europe, which some of our North-American friends can't seem to remember without confusing with Denmark (which in itself may be a nice country, but won't make it in comparison with the Netherlands, for the simple fact that I just don't live there), and of which you probably think its inhabitants are a bunch of clog-wearing, marijuana-smoking, abortion-advocating, cheese-eating, tulip-tending homosexuals who live in windmills.
Sorry to disappoint you... I'm not. Well, apart from the occasional clog-wearing and fond cheese-eating.

I also prefer the term Netherlands over Holland, as the latter is a pars pro toto for the former. Holland is the self-proclaimed centre of the Netherlands, while we all fully well know that title deservedly goes to my beloved Tweante region, which is in the east of the Netherlands, not even close to Holland.

For that same reason you will also find that a number of my tunes do not have an English name. I can tell you: they don't even have a Dutch name! They have a TWEANTS name. As a matter of fact, you should all give your tunes a Tweants name, as that will undoubtedly become the world language soon.

Tracking History:

Though I'm not very active in the Modarchive community, I've been tracking since 1996. I have made hundreds of modules, though most of them are unfinished, as I'm happier listening to unfinished tunes which, through their unfinishedness, still possess full world hit potential. That's deep, huh?

In the early days I uploaded some of my tracks to Traxinspace, but that site died, and when I discovered it was revived, I had already found TMA.

I also use Fruity Loops a lot. I think I'm one of the best fruity loops reggae producers out there (without boasting, seriously... there aren't that many, so easy win for me). Check out my stuff on Soundcloud! :)


For some reason, I find most joy in making reggae and ska, And please PLEASE, it's spelled r e g g a e. Not raggae, reggea, raggay, reagga, regay, but REGGAE. I've experimented with nearly every style you can think of. Some of my long-term projects are DnB, and even some Salsa. Among my modules, you may also find some merengue, jazz, samba, bossa nova, and soca :). I've turned finding loopholes in the TMA Genre List into a real sport :).

I sometimes sin by making an occasional trance track :-) Oh and I've discovered Soul/Funk :-D

Musicality and tracking

I'm a drummer and an (average) guitarist. So that makes me more of a musician than a tracker, although I've been using Fasttracker II and MPT since I was 11. I think it shows in my songs. To me, effects are just of secondary importance. I need some of them, but my focus is more on making an enjoyable tune than on endless tinkering with effect commands.

go hear for youself, that's what I uploaded them for :-)

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From: jonno
21:57 on 28th May 2024

I'm gonna be that guy... how did you find skanktering??

From: woolters To: Marskilla
12:10 on 18th July 2017

Marskilla: Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. This isn't my tune. I only wrote a comment on it. Maybe you can check out the module's page and track down the official producer.

Re: Hi ! I'm making a game on Amiga. May I use "Rastacult.mod" as main theme ?

From: Marskilla
19:46 on 29th December 2016

Hi ! I'm making a game on Amiga.

May I use "Rastacult.mod" as main theme ?

From: Saga Musix
14:45 on 16th August 2015
Saga Musix

The version of Reptile in Jamica you commented on was not done in an hour (that would be tough, especially for a coop tune!) :) The original OHC version can be found at ftp://ftp.untergrund.net/users/sagamusix/music/ohc/2010/reptile%20goes%20to%20jamaika%2030%20minutes.it (yes, it was actually just done in 30 minutes :)

From: Saga Musix To: woolters
00:40 on 23rd July 2011
Saga Musix

woolters: Maybe you should just upgrade to the most recent version, and everything will sound alright. ;P

Re: Indeed! It does sound better in Winamp. Sorry for the low rating. Strange that ModPlug doesn't pick up on this.

From: woolters To: Roz
13:11 on 12th July 2011

Roz: You're very welcome :).

Re: Cheers for your comment and markings - it was much appreciated.

From: Roz
13:44 on 5th July 2011

Cheers for your comment and markings - it was much appreciated.

From: woolters To: Gammis of Lemonride
12:15 on 22nd June 2011

Gammis of Lemonride: Haha, don't get all sarcastic on me now ;)

Re: whoa...i se that you are a very genorous critic ;)

From: woolters To: Gammis of Lemonride
12:13 on 22nd June 2011

Gammis of Lemonride: Indeed! It does sound better in Winamp. Sorry for the low rating. Strange that ModPlug doesn't pick up on this.

Re: Hey woolters...about that Jolle song! You should listen to it in XMplay or winamp...its made in a bad version of skale and cannot be properbly played in modplug for instance.. and then, it's about the city "Jolle" in Israel, not a boat ;) but the song isn't great...it's just another 30 min compo i think

From: Gammis of Lemonride
05:16 on 22nd June 2011
Gammis of Lemonride

whoa...i se that you are a very genorous critic ;)

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