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  • 26th August 2019
  • 31st August 2010
  • 28th August 2007
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I make happy 8Bit-ish chippop/chiptunes since 2004

Check my latest Album on Spotify so I get a tenth of a cent per play and can buy a beer next year!

Happiness In Your Face on Spotify

Soundcloud: Latest stuff
Youtube: to make 200mb videos out of 100kb chiptunes

Twitter: For release announcements
Facebook: Because I had to

Bandcamp: if you want to get a copy of my Albums

Oh and there's a Discord now in case there's something urgent to discuss

In 2003 some friends of mine (bzl, fup & adde aka "Shice music") introduced me into the 8bit scene. I fell in love instantly and started to work on my own Chips.

In 2007-08 i met joule and mano on IRC. They had a crew called "Satanic Kids". At that time i was looking for some skilled guys to create a powerful chipcrew. We formed "Satanic Kids Enterprise" a non-leader crew without strict rules, guidelines or whatsoever. Later, legends like beek and malmen joined our crew. Xemogasa was the latest addition to the pack. You can listen to every release of us on 100kb.de.

If you like our music, leave a message. If you are a skilled chiphead, get in contact with us!
We are actually a little bit inactive lately but we're not dead! SKE will come back soon with a new Website and tons of awesome releases! Stay tuned!

regards, ko0x

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From: Bouncing Musicbox
02:18 on 10th March 2019
Bouncing Musicbox


it me

From: Drozerix
19:37 on 18th December 2013

Nice chips :)

From: Anders Dator Felix Dator
00:16 on 17th May 2010
Anders Dator Felix Dator

bra skit ko0x. du imponerar verkligen

From: ko0x To: GreaseMonkey
22:54 on 19th June 2009

GreaseMonkey: i wasnt, it's an ohc track. I usually only release my other tunes. But we could turn it into a "full" tune if you're up to it :)

Re: Hey, just wondering, are you going to release thanks_anunnaki.it? I've done a stereomix of it if you're interested.

From: GreaseMonkey
02:40 on 15th June 2009

Hey, just wondering, are you going to release thanks_anunnaki.it? I've done a stereomix of it if you're interested.

From: m0d
15:17 on 1st April 2009

nice new avatar :)

From: Saga Musix
00:42 on 14th March 2009
Saga Musix

Chiptunes ftw! Keep up the good work!

From: m0d
14:45 on 13th March 2009

Hey ko0x great stuff you have :)

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