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  • 4th November 2009
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Hello you all out there!

My name is Antti and I'm a trance lover from the cold and snowy finland :) My first touch with trackers was around 1996 or 1997 when my friend played a few tracks that he had made just for fun. They were mostly drum & bass and hardcore. I got really excited and wanted to try out my self. And I'm telling you - Embers are still hot!

Over the years I've been using various trackers such as Digitracker and Impulsetracker and now in windows-times I've been testing Scaletracer and Fruity loops but the giant hit was really the Fasttracker for DOS. I began to try out some riffs and beats with it and I had no idea that this very program was to change my life. Forever.

A couple of times there has been an unfortunate set of events. My friend (The very same who was showing me some tracks) had my harddisk attached to his computer and my other friend has his own HD in there too. This other friend wanted to format his Harddisk and you can just quess what happened! Yes! He formatted the WRONG one. *sigh* All my modules gone - and I didn't took backups at that time.

There has been another time when I simply had to restart everyhing all over again because my harddisk blowed up unexpectacly. Both of these misfortunes were really hard for me to get over, but on the other hand - my anger and frustration was extracted to something beautiful - Sweet, pure, and melodic trance!

Well... I'm definetly NOT given up making music. Though there has been a little more breaks lately and my isnpiration has been acting up and consentration to music has suffered greatly. I don't know as to what to do or think about it. Inspiration is kind of thing that you just have to wait for.

Okay, so I think that I'm almost ready here. I would really appriciate if you could give me some feedback from my tracks. Maybe a few nice words could kick my inspiration's wings to fly once again!

Be seeing you!

Best Regards, MoonBird.

PS. Before you start listening to anything that I've created, I strongly recommend to download the XmPlay, because Winamp is pobably not going to play xm-tracks right.

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From: MoonBird To: Drozerix
13:52 on 22nd October 2012

Drozerix: Hello, hello :)

Re: Hello moonbird : )

From: Drozerix
05:03 on 13th September 2012

Hello moonbird : )

From: MoonBird To: Electrosnare
23:05 on 22nd November 2011

Electrosnare: antti.rantakolmonen@pp.inet.fi

Re: Hello Moonbird, i cant find your right email address. Please write to me in gieddrius@gmail.com, cos i want remix one of your track. Thanks.

From: Electrosnare
10:32 on 8th November 2010

Hello Moonbird, i cant find your right email address. Please write to me in gieddrius@gmail.com, cos i want remix one of your track. Thanks.

From: MoonBird
22:08 on 19th January 2010

New Module!!! "Lumisokeus"

From: MoonBird
13:03 on 5th June 2009

Thank you kindly. 10 years of practicing has not been in vain :)

From: Saga Musix
12:08 on 18th April 2009
Saga Musix

Your music is awesome! "Frozen Ocean" inspired me to compose my first Dream Trance track, see here: http://modarchive.org/module.php?166544

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