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  • 7th October 2007
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Hi there. I'm a finnish 16 years old musician, and I also like to make tracker music. I started tracking somewhere in middle 2004 with the MadTracker II and that's the program i'm still using. Most of my older modules are made for the indie game group Intersoft.

The following tracks have been selected to the Recommended Additions, Cool picks and etc...

Wanna play for you (wanna_play_for_you.it)
Ocean deep (ocean_deep.xm)
The Epic Tune (the_epic_tune.mod)
Teh Windows medley (windows.it)
Second chipality (second_chipality.xm)
Paratroopers (paratroopers.xm)
Battle of Steel (battleofsteel.xm)
shrapnel blast (shrapnel_blast.s3m)

ps. my nickname Noby doesn't refer to the Amiga musician Moby.

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From: coNNecTT
11:55 on 11th February 2016

Hey there! I’d like to contact you to talk about using some of your tracks for a game we’re working on. We’d like to know if we can use them or not, and if there are any conditions to doing so, but I can’t seem to find your contact information. We really think your tracks fit our game, so I hope we can contact you soon!

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