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I'm from Portugal and i began making tracker music years ago, back in 1995 with a Protracker alike software called Tetramed after the discovery of some demos on a Amiga 500 computer, but i was always a PC guy. In the following years i used some different alias like The Saint and Blasa. Later, I mainly used Scream & Impulse Trackers software to make my music, but after some years on hiatus, i decided to pick up some newer generation software like Skale & Madtracker and restart composing. My favorite genres are electronica (downtempo / breakbeats / idm), hybrid jazz (nu-jazz / fusion / acid jazz), funk and hip-hop mainly, but open to various other experimentations. My knowledge of composing actual music is very limited, so i mainly learned by ear and seeing what other artists were making with trackers. So my sound is bit of mishmash of experimentation and hybrid sound design. I also like apart from the demoscene, other stuff like, photography and cinema. I hope you like my tunes and try to listen on Impulse Tracker, to date it's the most accurate tracker i know. Others like Modplug Tracker and even XMplay don't play my modules with 100% accuracy.

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