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Welcome, music lover!


Here you can find module music created by person nicknamed [EyeGem] (i.e. me). Also known (in music files comments only ;) as AccSomix and Enginya.

Most of mods were created somewhen 1998-2002, except for several later ones. One day I've found MTME (MultiTracker Module Editor) at CD with FTP image and it all has started...

All samples were taken (yep, this called "ripped") from other modules. Anyway didn't have any alternative at that time.

Also all MOD files were actually created as MTM files and then converted using MTM2MOD converter. These two formats are quite the same, though. Later XM files were created in ModPlug Editor.


"Thinking is productive, senses are imporant."

"With belief in future, hovered in present."

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